revival is...

Revival is simply that moment when God manifests directly in the midst of men…


The verb “to revive”

according to the dictionary, means to

to bring life again

to awaken | to act

to rise | to renew

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In the Bible...

The noun "Revival"

Does not appear in the Bible, but it is a biblical occurrence, and it is used to describe moves that have taken place during the history of the Church.

 The word “revive” does appear in Habakkuk 3: 2b. 

We note that Revival is an exclusive work of God; man cannot produce a revival.

O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years

Habakkuk 3:2b

More about...

REVIVAL is God visiting His people

Revival is God coming down, visiting his people, in a certain region, and his strong presence affects the community, the society, the nation. Revival is personal, it always starts with one person, a small group and it spreads to where the Lord determines, neighborhoods, cities, nations, continents. Revival is the presence of God in us.
All we know about revival is from Church history over the years and we need to know more about what God has done in the past to motivate us to more deeply desire a new outpouring of the Spirit in our generation.
It is God visiting His people.
Revival is nothing less than days of heaven on earth. - Martin Lloyd Jones
It is the presence of God Himself, through the Holy Spirit, descending on people collectively, or cities, or entire countries, as was the case in Wales. It is a collective outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all gathered together, as it was in Acts 2. - Paul David Cull
Revival is the sovereign and supernatural manifestation of the manifest presence of God in the life of his people, generating brokenness,
repentance and a longing for holiness and turning the Church to the Word and prayer; it is when the church experiences the power of the Holy Spirit and the Church impacts the world and transforms society. - Hernandes Dias
Revival is simply that moment when God manifests directly in the midst of men; when He 'tears apart the heavens and descends' (Isaiah 64: 1) - Wesley Duewel
Revival is neither more nor less than the impact of the personality of Jesus Christ over a church or community. The whole area becomes aware of God. - Duncan Campbell

REVIVAL is not...

Note: Some items related here may even happen during the revival, but isolated is not revival.

a movement

a big church growth

a emotion

a form of worship

presence of miracles

spiritual gifts

a doctrine

a campaign of mass evangelism

It is not a campaign of mass evangelism:

For in evangelism the Church works, but in the revival God works for the Church. In evangelism the focus is on the non-believers, whilst the revival is for the believers. In evangelism, the Church goes to sinners but in the revival sinners come to the Church. In evangelism the preachers cry out to the hearers and in revival the hearers cry out to the preachers.

What Precedes Revival...

In these days we have to pray like the prophet Habakkuk: “Help us Lord! Revive your work these days!” 

A time of darkness in society

Hopelessness in people’s hearts

Coldness in the churches

Too much knowledge, too little power

Hearts hungry for more of God

A hunger for righteousness

A movement of prayer and repentance

Revival always comes in a context where things are dying

If they are dying,
then Revival is
the restorative
action of God

When we study the history of the Church, we realize that it is full of ups and downs and when it is at a low, is that when revival comes. Some denominations have labeled God’s moves in their Churches as “revival”.

The Church must be restored and clothed with the power of God to fulfil the Great Commission

Matthew 28:18


Revival is a
remedy from God
for a Church in crisis

Some revivals that have already happened around the world leave us longing for a new move. Some are famous, such as that of Azuza Street (USA), of England, Germany, Wales, New York, Ulster… Many of God’s moves we call “Revivals”: We see that they were hubs that produced many changes in the history of the Church as a whole,

yet we believe that true revival, and the greatest of all, is yet to come before Jesus' return

Purpose of Revival...

As we fulfil the Great Commission, then the return of Jesus will come (Matthew 28:19).

To carry out the Great Commission 

The Great Commission is carried out as the fruit of the revival

Revival is an outpouring upon the Church collectively to carry out the Great Commission. In Acts 1: 8, the reason for revival in the Church is clear.

But you will receive power as the Holy Spirit descends upon you ... and you will be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, all Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth

Acts 1:8


purpose = Great Commission

If we do not want to go to cities or nations to speak about the love of God to the lost, it does not make sense to receive the power from above that is released in revival…

God´s goal is to reach the world and not just us

Without revival, we will not be able to prepare the way for Jesus’ return by preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, as in Matthew 24:14.

The fate of a city, of a nation, is in the hands of the Church

As we fulfil the Great Commission, then the return of Jesus will come (Matthew 28:19).

Revival will push the Church to do this, to go after the lost; the world will see the Church full of the glory of God and will be drawn to know him.

We need a Holy Spirit outpouring to stand in our identity as the Church, doing our part to fulfil this Great Commission. Without revival, we will not be able to prepare the way for Jesus’ return by preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, as in Matthew 24:14.

The fate of a city, of a nation, is in the hands of the Church.

We need to position ourselves for this responsibilty.



During the revival, the people will move towards Christ.

The presence and power of God work so powerfully and intensely during the revival that

He accomplishes so much more in hours or days than in years of faithful ministry where there is no revival

During the revival, the people will move towards Christ. They will not be inclined to go any other way. Prayers that have not been answered for many years are being gloriously answered. The atmosphere is often filled with the majestic power of God. Christians recognize this with the Holy presence of God. Sinners will have a reverential perception of the presence of God and their own sinfulness.

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God can reveal His presence in unexpected ways

God can reveal His presence in unexpected ways. Surprising occurrences can accompany His deep work in the soul. There will be such a sense of The Divine presence and power of God that could cause some individuals to tremble. Others may weep before God or fall to the ground because they feel physically weakened. Whilst others may feel almost irresistibly drawn to attend revival services or to gather together before some worship is announced (Wesley Duewel’s “The Fire of Revival”)

It is important to note that one revival is Never equal to another...

because the Holy Spirit is very dynamic and will always do something different; responding to the yearnings of the People of God at all times.


This revival does not come to liberals, mystics, syncretists and the merely religious, but to a people desperately longing for the presence of God. 

The church

The Church arises (for the Great Commission) in boldness to speak of the love of God to the lost. There is extraordinary numerical growth in the Church, membership multiplies supernaturally.


Society now respects the Church as the Divine Institution it is. The final phase of revival is the restoration of society to the standards of the Word of God, bringing justice, righteousness, compassion and blessing that should continue through generations. 

Revival Prayer Army@2023

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