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It is an Army formed by people of all denominations that God is raising to pray specifically for Revival in the United Kingdom


The verb “to revive”

according to the dictionary, means to

to bring life again

to awaken | to act

to rise | to renew

open arms

uk revivals timeline

Revivals, Great Awakenings and visitations from God in the United Kingdom over time

Get to know and understand God’s moves within the UK from when God used a humble man in Ireland (in the 5th Century), Saint Patrick, through many other men and events up until modern times.

These men defied the circumstances of their times and made history, being hungry and desperate for the presence of God.

Many of them were not understood in their day, but today are examples of people who dared to obey God and in doing so, changed the course of history.

Here in the United Kingdom, there were many visitations from the Lord which touched generations both here and around the world, writing chapters of the history of the Church. These amazing accounts demonstrate God’s great love for Britain.

You will know all or some of the following ‘brave hearts’ for God. We believe that there were many others whom history did not recognise, but they are eternally recorded by the Lord. 

John Wycliffe

The Bible man
Read more

John Knox

Leader and Reformer
Read more

George Fox

Quakers - (1624-1691)
Read more

John Wesley

(1703 - 1791)
Read more

George Whitefield

(1714 - 1770)
Read more

The Ulster Revival

Northern Ireland How God Used 4 Young People to bring fire from heaven to Ireland
Read more

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Prince of Preachers (1834-1892)
Read more

General William Booth

The Salvation Army
Read more

Smith Wigglesworth

The Apostle of Faith (1859 – 1947)
Read more

Evan Roberts

(1878 - 1951)
Read more

Alexander Alfred Boddy

(1854 - 1930)
Read more

George Jeffreys

The Welsh Evangelist (1889 - 1962)
Read more

Duncan Campbell

The Hebrides Sland (1949)
Read more

We are the next generation that will make history in the UK

We who are here now on this site, wanting to know more about revivals and about God’s next move in the nations of Great Britain.

... If you agree, say Amen!

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