It is an Army formed by people of all denominations that God is raising to pray specifically for Revival in the United Kingdom.

These people are stationed throughout the United Kingdom and another nations.


Agents of Revival

To share the following message to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in the United Kingdom: Revival is coming to the UK – Get Ready, and Pray!  Revival will only come when the Church is ready to receive it, so we are proclaiming this in the UK in order to fulfil the promises announced by the Lord´s prophets over the course of many years (see  Amos 3:7).

How do we prepare? By putting our lives, families, businesses, Churches, ministries, etc. in order and praying, crying out for revival to come to this generation.


Specific Mission

Revival Prayer Army - II Corinthians 10:4 

To raise an army of people to pray as Revival Agents throughout the United Kingdom, generating this revival in unity as the Church of the Lord Jesus and proclaiming the message that revival is coming. We will water the many seeds that have been planted into this land for years, preparing the way, the environment to receive revival. We are in position and following God’s guidance, declaring that a new revival is coming to the UK. We invite everyone to pray, to cry out, to read the Word and to prophesy over the United Kingdom, thus preparing the atmosphere for revival to take place in our day. 

We are here by blessing London (you could bless the city where you are living), declaring that the flame of God’s move will go out and reach the whole of the United Kingdom and spread throughout Europe, in the name of Jesus.

Revival Prayer Army@2023

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