revival is...

Revival is simply that moment when God manifests directly in the midst of men…

How to pray for Revival?

Before we pray, we need to know WHAT REVIVAL IS:

Revival is a strong presence of God. It is when God decides to open the windows of heaven and come to stay in the midst of his people. Revival is God visiting us as a people.  We need to have a heart desperate for him, hungry for him, for his presence. God will come to those people who are desperate for him.


Where would you like to see a Revival?

In your life, in your family, your church? In your city, your land...?

Revival will happen in a place where the people of God are. Revival is exclusive to the people of God, it is not for everyone (Awakening is for unbelievers and should follow). Maybe it will occur in a church, in your house, in a hospital, a school, anywhere… nobody knows. Only God knows exactly where.

When we are Praying for Revival, we are preparing the place, the atmosphere to receive Revival.  Where do you live? If you are praying for Revival, Revival will come to your city, to your country.

Forms of Prayers for Revival:

  • You can pray alone (privately) – Matthew 6:6 
  • Prayer of Agreement (two or three) – Matthew 18:19-20
  • Prayer in Groups – Acts 4:24

We can pray using some spiritual weapons:

  • The name of Jesus.
  • The Word of God.
  • The Blood of Jesus.
  • The Worship.

Prayer Points to follow:


Pray for presence of God


Pray for yourself with thanksgiving

your family

Pray for your family-Prayer of Agreement (two or three) - Matthew 18:19-20.

your Church

Pray for the whole Church in your city, blessing and praying for unity.

your city

Pray for your city, town or village -wherever you live, blessing the businesses, the schools, hospitals.

all authorities

Pray for all authorities in this city.

all families

Pray for all the families living in this city.

forgiveness for the sins

Pray for forgiveness for the sins of the people of this city.

your nation

Pray for the nation in which your city is located, blessing as well as asking forgiveness for sins... Confess and repent for the sins of your nation; pray for your nation’s authorities.


Pray and ask God to raise up leaders in unity and empower them to pray for Revival.

II Chronicles 7:14

Pray and declare II Chronicles 7:14 over this Land.

Pray the Word

Study the Bible more in order to know the promises of God for this land and for us, his people; then when we Pray the Word, we have already prayed the answer!

Oh God, come and Do it Again

Finally, pray and cry out: Oh God, do it again in our generation!!! Where you can hold a meeting to pray for Revival: The meetings can be held in houses, schools, offices, churches, etc.

Suggested program

– Prayer to open the meeting 

– Bible reading (choose from a different book per month / week) 

– Someone recalls accounts from previous revivals in UK

–  Pray in tongues.

– The 12 Prayer Points for Revival

Duration of the meeting:

At the discretion of the leader, and depending on the location of the meeting; our suggestion is something around 1 hour, but the Holy Spirit is the one who directs everything.

Note: The meeting is only for believers, and we also suggest that the leader speak with their pastor/minister before beginning.

group 2

Why do I need to pray for Revival?

Because if we do not pray, Revival will not come. We are not yet prepared to receive Revival! How do we prepare? By praying and putting our life in order.

Persevere, pray in faith and don´t give up!

Revival Prayer Army@2023

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